Happy Tuesday

I am kicking off my renewed interested in blogging.  I know I am not the most interesting writer, but I am going to try.

When I was in high school a friend gave me a book called 14,000 Things to be Happy About.  I started a list of my happy things in 1993.  When I stopped I had 223.  I doubt I will ever get to 14,000, but I thought I might try to hit 1000 in my lifetime.  I added to the list last year, and then again last night.  Here are my latest additions that make me happy:

  1. my son
  2. my baby’s smile
  3. walks on a perfect summer day
  4. bagpipes in the distance
  5. crisp fall days
  6. my students doing well
  7. back pain-free days
  8. homemade apple pie
  9. fresh macaroni and cheese
  10. new books
  11. computers that work consistently
  12. having a president of color
  13. the freedom to speak out against your government without fear (even if you are stupid)
  14. watching my husband take care of our son
  15. sleeping late while my husband takes care of our son
  16. car trips
  17. leaves changing color in the fall
  18. maple cotton candy
  19. comfortable shoes
  20. going barefoot
  21. fresh lemonade
  22. apple fritters with ice cream
  23. apple cider donuts
  24. that first glimpse of Star Island
  25. shiny blue bow ties

One thought on “Happy Tuesday

  1. Congratulations on the birth of your Son and getting back into blogging. I love the idea of a list of things to be happy about, perhaps I should start one of my own.

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