Things I am really glad someone invented

There are some things we all take for granted, but someone had to invent them.

I am really glad for:

  1. Air conditioning I may live in a mostly cool climate, but it can get hot here. It gets especially hot in my computer lab. It took 7 years for me to convince someone that I needed a/c in there and it has made all the difference. I am actually in a better mood during the heat waves.
  2. Reach dental floss holders I hate flossing my teeth. It is not a lot of fun for me to stick my fingers in my mouth. I floss every day now. My flosser is pink and his is blue. We also have a purple one that neither of us has used.
  3. Indoor plumbing When it isn’t so hot that you need a/c, it is so cold that you need a down parka. I am thankful every day that I don’t have to go outside to p.
  4. DVR For someone who does a lot of plays, it is great to be able to record “appointment TV” like LOST and Grey’s and watch it later. I hated messing around with tapes and the DVR is awesome.
  5. iPods Our local radio station got bought last year and when they changed over the owners got rid of the 2 great DJs that had been there over 20 years. I hate the new morning guy, so I really only listen for the local news. The rest of the time I listen to NPR on my iPod in the car.

1794Eli Whitney is granted a patent for the cotton gin.

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