28 Day Organizing Challenge

I’m participating in Org Junkie’s 28 Day Organizing Challenge with @orgjunkie during the month of Feb.  Wish me luck!  http://tiny.cc/KYtro

My little boy is finally growing too big for his cradle.  Okay, he has been too big for the cradle since Christmas, but you should see “his” room!  It is full of 7 years of our junk.  We have started to hoe it out, but it just gets worse.  So this month we are going to get all our crap out of there and start to work on the walls and ceiling.  Hopefully when we return from our vacation at the end of the month we will be able to move him into his room even if it isn’t done.


NaBloPoMo – Nov 2009

I am going to try again to post for a whole month.

I am having the Sunday evening blues.  I have a hard time getting excited about going to school on Mondays.  And even worse, I have a parent meeting tomorrow at 8:00.  This wouldn’t be so bad, except I have been getting to school at 8:15.  I guess Tumblebug and I will have to be ready a bit earlier tomorrow.

Our little Wild Thing had his first Halloween.  We trick or treated at my parents’ house and 2 of their neighbors.  He looked so cute.  I will have to take some better pictures this week, but here he is:

Our little Wild Thing

Our little Wild Thing

I made the costume myself.  Well, mostly.  I bought white footed pajamas from the Gap. I bought them in a 6-12 month so he can wear them all winter (when I remove the tail).

I bought a yard of white felt and had some leftover yellow and white with glitter from other projects. I also use 2 brown pipe cleaners and 2 white ones.

I used a pattern I found at Instructables.com to make his hood. I reduced it to 60% before printing, but it was too small.  Then I made one at 75% and it was a little too big. Used up my only dark colored pipe cleaners on the first one, so I colored the white ones with a black dry erase marker.

He roared his terrible roar.

He roared his terrible roar.

I stayed up 2 nights sewing the hood. Not that I haven’t had all the fabric for weeks. Once I figured out the first one was too small, I knew I had to make another, but the first one came out so perfectly, I couldn’t cannibalize it so I left the whiskers.

I sewed little triangles of felt to the fingers and toes of the sleeper.  I also made a little crown out of the yellow and glittery felt  to sew onto the chest (over a little bear).

Then I got really crazy and made a larger crown and sewed it to a plain bib.  I used a crown clipart that I found on Google images.

I told my husband that in the future costumes must be chosen and materials procured by my long weekend in late October.  Even though I have had the sleeper since September and the fabric since early October, the procrastinator in me left it to the last minute.

Labor Day

How long were your labors?

I started having irregular contractions Friday morning.  Around 11:30 that night they started to become more regular and harder.  I started pushing around 9 am and delivered at 11:40 am.  So I was going for about 24 hours, but the hard part was really 12 hours.

How did you know you were in labor?

I didn’t, for a while.  But when I couldn’t sit down or lie down I was pretty sure that’s what was going on.

Where did you deliver?

At a hospital, but the “maternity ward” is really a Birthing Center.  Where the smart people are.  Our Lamaze teacher said many times, “When you start to want to be where someone knows what they are doing, it is time to go to the hospital.”


Yup.  Well, sort of.  I didn’t have an epidural, but the transition contractions were killing me and I had narcotics to help me rest and ease through that part.  I would totally do it that way again.


Nope.  He was heads down for the last 4 months.

Who delivered?

I delivered, but I had a midwife who was there to catch the baby.  I saw three midwives through my pregnancy and I got just what I needed in delivery, the sweet, funny one to get me through the early stages (3 am -7 am) and the no nonsense one in the pushing part (I don’t remember a few hours in there).  I barely remember my first two nurses, but the two that were there for the delivery were terrific!  My husband was there with me the whole time, holding my hand, rubbing my back and holding my leg when I had no strength left.  My mom arrived just after 6 followed by my MIL and then my dad.  My sister arrived at 11, just in time for the “good stuff”.  I didn’t think I would want them all there, but in the end it was great.

My little guy

I found this meme on Rocks in My Dryer and I am so glad I could participate, finally, in one about my baby.

Baby shopping

On the way home from Gramma’s we stopped at Babies R Us and Target.  I had never been in a Babies R Us.  Wow.  I could totally go broke if there was one closer.

Tumblebug now has:

Not to mention loads of stuffed animals, boxes of toys, shelves full of books, a Bumbo seat and a wagon, a Cozy Coupe, a little car and a slide (all bought used for a total of $35).  And he is only 3.5 months old.  We are already running out of room for our own things.

I am back, really I am

So last September I was tired all the time.  My breasts hurt and I had to pee 3 times a night.  I had no idea what was wrong with me.  Duh!  Finally in late September I took a pregnancy test.  And then I took another one.  And another.  And needless to say, I have a baby now.  Probably my pregnancy would have been a great thing to blog about.  Especially since many of my favorite bloggers were pregnant this year too (her, her, and her off the top of my head).  But I really didn’t think it would be all that interesting to any of you.

Anyway (not anyways), I am back and I will be trying to blog every day this month.  The theme on NaBloPoMo is beautiful, so let me leave you with something beautiful from the last year.

First snuggle

PS  Today is one year from the date of conception.

It has been too long

So I think the last time I posted was September. I sort of fell out of blogging due to exteme sleepiness. I also couldn’t think of anything interesting to write.

Of course, looking back, I could have written about being pregnant. But everyone was doing that and I am just not that interesting.

So now I have a baby and an iPod Touch. Maybe I will blog more with those two items in my hands.