shakespeare.jpgMiss Erin set herself a goal of reading all of Shakespeare’s plays. She set this goal back on his birthday, April 23, and I’ve been “meaning” to do it as well.

I will cross out all the plays I have read, bold all the shows I have done, and put a star next to ones I have seen on stage or screen. SitP is VTC’s annual Shakespeare in the Park which I have been working on since the first one in 1990.


All’s Well That Ends Well SitP June 2007
As You Like It
Comedy of Errors SitP 1991 and 2001
Love’s Labour’s Lost* SitP 2002
Measure for Measure
Merchant of Venice* BUHS
Merry Wives of Windsor
Midsummer Night’s Dream SitP 1990 and 1998 and 2009
Much Ado about Nothing* SitP 1997 and *2011
Taming of the Shrew SitP 1992 and 2004
Tempest* 2006
Twelfth Night SitP 1994 and *2003 and *2013
Two Gentlemen of Verona* SitP 1999
Winter’s Tale* SitP 2005


Henry IV, Part I
Henry IV, Part II
Henry V *SitP 2012
Henry VI, Part I
Henry VI, Part II
Henry VI, Part III
Henry VIII
King John
Richard II
Richard III


Antony and Cleopatra
Hamlet* acting class 1992; SitP 2010
Julius Caesar* BUHS 2006
King Lear SitP 2008
Macbeth junior English 1992
Romeo and Juliet English class grades 5, 7, & 9; fall play 1992; SitP 2000
Timon of Athens
Titus Andronicus
Troilus and Cressida

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