March Movie Madness 2008 Round 1

m3-comedies.jpgThe first round has been decided. We did not do as well as I hoped. Sadly, it is because some of the movies I wanted won, but we went with the Lord’s pick.

We got 21 out of 32, I think. We also have a potential loss of at least 5 picks in the next round.

Best Lady found a big screw up!  I have Wanda vs Ferris with Young Frankenstein winning.  Duh.  I emailed Jeff and I hope he will let me change it.  If so, I will post a new version of the brackets.

Movies I can watch again and again

Last year I participated in a March Movie Madness game.  This year’s game will be played with comedies.  My husband and I will be choosing the movies together (he may not know that yet).  I hope I do better this year than last.  I think I was in the bottom 3.

In no particular order (except the one I thought of them in):

  1. The Muppet Movie
  2. Say Anything
  3. A Fish Called Wanda
  4. Two Brothers
  5. Gosford Park
  6. Romeo + Juliet
  7. Mulan
  8. Shrek
  9. Finding Nemo
  10. Monty Python’s Holy Grail
  11. Sweet Home Alabama
  12. Princess Diaries
  13. Legally Blonde

1944: First televised Academy Awards

Harry Potter countdown 3 days left

It has taken me a week to update again because I have been painting my bathroom and reading my HP books. I am at in the Black house in HP & OP. I realized (a little late) I could have watched movies 1-4, gone to see movie 5 and then reread book 6. But now that I remember how much they left out of the movies I am glad I didn’t do that.

We went to see HP & OP on Sunday. It was pretty good. I literally started crying when Sirius came on screen. The only thing I didn’t like was the veil effect. Melissa said books fans wouldn’t be happy in one of the Pottercasts. He is supposed to just fall through the veil (a cloth veil) not get sucked up into the ether. I didn’t like that at all, but the rest of it? Awesome!

I am not sure how I am going to manage to get through 5 and 6. I know I will sob, as I have already started, but I also am not sure I am going to finish in time.