Blog friends

Twitter just added a new feature.  You can make lists of your friends.  I love making lists.  I love putting things into groups and categories.  I made 4 lists: People I know, Bloggers, Celebs, Companies. The Celebs, and Companies were easy.  And even the People I know started easy, but then I started getting confused.

Am I the only one who forgets that they don’t actually know some (or all) of the bloggers they read?

NaBloPoMo – Nov 2009

I am going to try again to post for a whole month.

I am having the Sunday evening blues.  I have a hard time getting excited about going to school on Mondays.  And even worse, I have a parent meeting tomorrow at 8:00.  This wouldn’t be so bad, except I have been getting to school at 8:15.  I guess Tumblebug and I will have to be ready a bit earlier tomorrow.

Our little Wild Thing had his first Halloween.  We trick or treated at my parents’ house and 2 of their neighbors.  He looked so cute.  I will have to take some better pictures this week, but here he is:

Our little Wild Thing

Our little Wild Thing

I made the costume myself.  Well, mostly.  I bought white footed pajamas from the Gap. I bought them in a 6-12 month so he can wear them all winter (when I remove the tail).

I bought a yard of white felt and had some leftover yellow and white with glitter from other projects. I also use 2 brown pipe cleaners and 2 white ones.

I used a pattern I found at to make his hood. I reduced it to 60% before printing, but it was too small.  Then I made one at 75% and it was a little too big. Used up my only dark colored pipe cleaners on the first one, so I colored the white ones with a black dry erase marker.

He roared his terrible roar.

He roared his terrible roar.

I stayed up 2 nights sewing the hood. Not that I haven’t had all the fabric for weeks. Once I figured out the first one was too small, I knew I had to make another, but the first one came out so perfectly, I couldn’t cannibalize it so I left the whiskers.

I sewed little triangles of felt to the fingers and toes of the sleeper.  I also made a little crown out of the yellow and glittery felt  to sew onto the chest (over a little bear).

Then I got really crazy and made a larger crown and sewed it to a plain bib.  I used a crown clipart that I found on Google images.

I told my husband that in the future costumes must be chosen and materials procured by my long weekend in late October.  Even though I have had the sleeper since September and the fabric since early October, the procrastinator in me left it to the last minute.