Theory Thursday

This one I adapted from a friend.

For teachers, summer is like the weekend.

June is like Friday.  You have to work part of it, but when you get home the freetime is stretched out in front you, almost endless.

July is Saturday.  The whole day is yours, all that time to do stuff.  It’s bright and sunny and you have so much to look forward to.  You can sleep late and watch cartoons.  You know things will come to an end, but it seems to far off.

August is Sunday.  Time is starting to catch up with you.  All those projects you planned to do are still waiting and you are running out of time.  You have to start doing your homework, planning for the next year, getting ready for the new batch.  The days grow shorter and the time goes faster.  You have to start going to bed on time.

We are closing in on Sunday night.

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