Theory Thursday

woman-in-underwear-and-shoes-print-c10295860jpeg.jpgThis is my first post in a new themed series.  I am always telling my husband about my little pet theories, and he thought they might make good blog fodder.

I have a lot of underwear and shoes.  My theory is that I don’t have to try on underpants and they will always fit and I can try on shoes without taking my clothes off.  I am a big girl, and trying on clothes is about as much fun as being covered with chocolate syrup (ask me, I know).

Which superhero power would you want? put up a video, from Comic-Con, asking celebrities and people in costume which superhero power they would want.  I have given this thought over the years.  Especially since starting to read Harry Potter.  A lot of HP fans like to discuss which magic power they would want.

Lee Pace and Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies) would both like to fly.  As would Jensen Ackles from Supernatural.  In fact, most people said they would want to fly, but Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica) had the right idea when she said she would want to teleport.  I think my favorite was Che McBride (Pushing Daisies) who would to be able to stop people from Bullsh!tting.

A young woman dressed as a playing card queen (all of them I think) would like to be able to time travel, so she could go back to the 1900s and buy stuff to sell to steampunk fans.

Things I have considered include:

FLYING – not a big fan of heights, but I think it would be cool to fly around.  I wouldn’t do it the dorky Superman way with one fist in the air.  I want to fly like Hancock.  Although, I would work on the landing.  But what good would flying do me?  It snows here, and I think flying through the snow would suck.

TELEPORTING – this would rock.  I would never have to be late for anything.  I could leave for school just before I had to be there.  I am always running late for things, so it would be great to just think about where I had to go and be there.  However, after reading about how painful apparition (HP) is I don’t know.  I also read once about teleporting.  Your molecules would all have to break down and then be put back together.  That doesn’t sound very good either.  I still like the idea of teleporting.

PRECOGNITION – how cool would it be to know stuff in advance?  Not so good I think.  I suspect it would be a huge burden.  I might like POSTCOGNITION so I could remember where I left things I have lost.

TIME TRAVEL – I like this one.  Again, because of the losing things problem, but also because how cool would it be to meet your parents and grandparents as children?  Or see the pyramids or S being built? See who shot JFK or be in the theater when Lincoln was killed?  Go to the premiere of The Wizard of Oz or Gone with the Wind.  I would like to be able to change things, but I know that would change the future, so maybe just the chance to see things as they happen.

MARAUDER’S MAP – I don’t know if there is another name for this, but I would love to be able to see where people in my life are at any given moment.  It would be a little stalkerish, I suppose, but it would come in handy.

There are plenty of other powers I have considered, but these are my favorites.  I’ve also thought about the wondertwins’ power to change into things (did you watch The Justice League in the 80s?),  ability to swim underwater for a long distance, see through walls, hear things I shouldn’t hear (I seem to already have that one), read people’s minds, be invisible, etc.

Which superhero power would you want?

Good Morning

In the summer I get up later and later as the weeks go on.  Sadly, at the end of the summer I have to learn to get up early again.  I sometimes think I should be teaching night school.  Only they don’t have that for elementary kids.

Good Morning

from xkcd

Sunday Night Blues

It is Sunday evening and it is raining – again!  We lucked out and had good weather yesterday, but the rain is back.

Thursday evening neither of us was really very hungry for dinner so we called Jayman and asked if he wanted to go for french fries and ice cream with us.   We went to our favorite place, The Chelsea Royal Diner, and sat outside.  We gossiped and talked movies.  They mocked me for not watching all the Indiana Jones movies and when we dropped Jayman off he loaned us his boxed set.

Friday was gorgeous!  It was warm and sunny without even a hint of rain.  I took my morning walk and just admired the brilliant blue sky.  My neighborhood is so beautiful.  I hardly saw any cars and only a handful of people.  I also had my “annual exam” Friday.  I love my gyno.  She has seen me through a lot, and I haven’t even had babies yet.  Then I ran a bunch of errands, including getting a new cable modem from Comcast (we totally noticed the speed difference).  Friday night we did our favorite date night activities…Keene for dinner at Margaritas, a quick run through Target (okay, only I like that) and then browsing at Borders.  I bought my friend Hillary (who is starting college in a month) two books.  I saw How to Survive Your Freshman Year in the college section (it is across from graphic novels) and sat down to thumb through it.  It actually has some good advice and is written in an easy to read way.  It’s not like whole chapters of text, but little anecdotes that you can read a few at a time.  The other book I got her is one of the best books I have ever read.  Every woman in the English speaking world should get this book the day she gets her period. The V Book by Elizabeth Stewart was an Amazon recommendation when I bought another book about women’s health.  It answered nearly every question I have ever had about “down there”.

Saturday I weighed in and stayed for the meeting.  Actually I stayed for the meeting and then weighed in.  Best Lady cut my hair and Hill-the-Pill and I went out to lunch.  In the afternoon T worked on the new pond filtration system and I marinated mushrooms, squash, zucchini, and asparagus.  We had my parents over for dinner and Trivial Pursuit.

Today I did virtually nothing.  Well, except write this entry.  My first in weeks.