6 Days left in March

Seriously, I thought this theme would be easy for me. I thought, heck, I make lists all the time, this will be simple. Nope. I have run out of ideas. I have resorted to stealing them from the web. And honestly, I had this great idea for a list over Easter weekend, but I was away from my computer and didn’t write it down.

Today’s list is:

Days left in March

  • Wednesday, March 26 I have decided to slack off today, so my kids are doing Type to Learn and Professor Fizzwizzle. After work I have to go to the grocery store. The Lord has rehearsal (did I mention he stepped into a part 4 days before opening night?) and I am going to watch TV and go to bed early.
  • Thursday, March 27 Today we have massages for Staff Appreciation Week. Mine is first thing in the morning. I hope the guy isn’t late. In the evening we have rehearsal. I am going to have to step in for T since he will be at the dress rehearsal for his other show. I hope bedtime comes early again.
  • Friday, March 28 Opening night. I won’t be going. I will be going both Saturdays, so I am making other plans tonight. I thought I might get my Sunday Schoolers to go to Hill’s play, but it is getting kind of late for that. Whatever I do, I am not over eating. I have to weigh in on Saturday.
  • Saturday, March 29 Today is m high school best friend’s birthday. She lives a couple hours a way and we don’t talk much any more. She and her husband split up this past year and she is totally starting over with 2 kids. I sent her flowers. I hope she likes them.
  • Sunday, March 30 I am planning to take my Sunday Schoolers to visit a different church today. We’ll see how it goes. I am trying to find ways to get them engaged and involved. Then I have rehearsal. Fortunately it is an afternoon rehearsal. Unfortunately, it is to accomidate my husband’s matinĂ©e.
  • Monday, March 31 Today I start Girls on the Run. I haven’t heard from my assistant coach; I don’t have that many registrations; I am totally not prepared. But since it is my 5th year, I should be okay. Then I will be late for an evening rehearsal. But I may get to go to bed early!

1484William Caxton printed his translation of Aesop’s Fables.

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