I {heart} Garfield (minus Garfield)


I hate the Garfield comic strip. Not as much as I hate Mother Goose & Grimm and Shoe, but right up there. A friend sent me a link to this great modified version of the strips.

Who would have guessed that when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comic strips, the result is an even better comic about schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and the empty desperation of modern life?
Friends, meet Jon Arbuckle. Let’s laugh and learn with him on a journey deep into the tortured mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against lonliness and methamphetamine addiction in a quiet American suburb.

Read it. Love it. Live it.

Life goals

Boing Boing led me to this, which led me to this, which led me to this:


The text on the chocolates in this box describe something you should have done in your life. If you’ve done it, you can eat the candy, otherwhise it has to stay in the box until your deed is fulfilled.

I think these are so cool, but I don’t think I will get them for myself.  It will be a long time, if ever, before I do some of these things.  I think it would be really cool if you could make your own list of goals and eat them as you accomplish them.

I have done 6 of these things.  Can you guess which ones?  Which have you done?  What would your life goals be?  Answer any or all of the questions.  I would love to know more about my readers (or reader as Bossy says).

Valentine’s Day

The Little Blue BoxTiffany & Co 6 Valentines and going strong. That’s what his card said (6 married/8 together, but why quibble). But the real gift was the Little Blue Box. I didn’t expect it. We don’t usually get each other gifts for Valentine’s Day. The other day a box was delivered to the house for him. With a return address of TCO. TCO? Hmmmm.

DangliesMy Valentine's Day gift For our first anniversary, he got me the Open Heart necklace and post earrings by Elsa Peretti. They were the best gift ever! Really simple, but so beautiful. And in a Little Blue Box. I always wanted something from Tiffany & Co. I don’t really need fancy jewelry, but I like pretty shiny things.

picture-1.pngMaybe if I am really good I will get these for our 10th anniversary.

Snow day #3

I didn’t blog on day #2, I don’t even really remember it.  But here I am on day 3.  Our last built in snowday.

Oh yeah, and I just got a phone call telling me that school is canceled tomorrow.  We almost never get 2 days off in a row.  Unfortunately, that means we have to go an extra day at the end of the year.  A Monday.  Who wants to end on a Monday?

Just to make it clearer

Boing Boing is the best place for random news. I have learned all sorts of crap from them. Very often I share them with my husband and we have a good laugh. Tonight was no exception.

This very funny story comes from Rottin’ in Denmark. You really need to read the whole thing.

[audible gasp] ‘If that computer’s only two weeks old, how are you checking your e-mails from November?!’ [Makes ‘gotcha’ face.]
Me: ‘Wait. What?! These are on the internet. They aren’t on my computer.’
Doughface: ‘You just said it was two weeks old, but those e-mails say November!’ [Gotcha Face intensifies to David Caruso Face]
Me: ‘Internet!’
Doughface: ‘If it’s only two weeks old –‘
Me: Internet.

The italics seemed to do it. Doughface backed off for a few minutes. We moved into my roommate’s room.
She has an original iMac.

‘We have your roommate’s permission to confiscate her computer,’ the Ichabod Crane one said.
‘Whatever,’ I said. They had already assured me that we would get our laptops back that afternoon, so I figured the damage had already been done. Ichabod started rooting around under her desk.
‘Where’s the computer?’ he said.
‘On the desk. That’s the computer,’ I said.

After I sent the link to the lord, via IM, he laughs and repeats “the italics…” and then he says to me, “What sort of hand motion do you suppose goes with that?” So we started talking with our hands out slanted a little. Now, instead of air quotes, you can use our hands signals to make it a little clearer.


He gets to demonstrate, cause he’s cuter than me.


Figures that if I set a goal for myself to post a picture and blog every day for the month of February I would mess up the second day.  At least I posted something yesterday, right.

Here I sit with a fever, a cough, and an achy body debating if I should go to rehearsal or not.  Feeling sicker with the idea of having to figure out lesson plans for tomorrow when all my books are here.  Ugh.  Sometimes I wish I had a job, that if I missed a day I would just be behind in my work, not responsible for filling the time for a bunch of others.

Did that last sentence even make sense?  I am so ugh.

Feb 01

Feb 01

February 1

We got out of school early today due to ice and snow.  I was home by about 12:30.  I spent most of the rest of the day in this position.  I caught up on blogs, worked on some websites, and just sort of wasted time watching soaps and Monk.

The plow has gone by probably 800 times.  The snow keeps falling off the roof.  O is absolutely freaked out by the noise.

We just watched the season premiere of LOST. It was awesome.  We still don’t know who the Oceanic 6 are, but now we know a 3rd.  I can’t believe we might only get 6 episodes this season.

Today in history: