Cobwebs in my brain

My husband thinks I need to go to bed earlier. Possibly because of the conversation we just had.

image2.jpgWe are watching a documentary on Mary Pickford. They were talking about her early 20s. I was only listening a little and I heard “five full length pictures a year.” I looked up expecting to see a head to toe photograph and wondering what was so hard about that. Yeah…uh…she made 5 full length MOVIES a year. Duh.


Outside bag I love the stuff Amy at Good to be Girl makes for knitting, but I never make it in time to order the thing I want. She makes a lot of stitch markers for knitting. They are so cute, although, I don’t actually make anything that needs them.

Inside bagSo the other day when I was reading her blog and she pointed to her new sock knitting bags I took a look. The pink and green one called out to me. It had a wrist loop and a clip to attach it to a belt loop or bag. It has a thread feed on the inside that snaps so you can take the project out before it is done. It is so pretty.

Inside bagSo I emailed Amy and asked to be the owner of bag #2 called Charm. She wrote back and said not only could I have it, but it would be okay if I knit dishcloths out of it instead of socks!! It came on Saturday (less than a week!) and is sooooo beautiful. I have been carrying it around with me all week. It has a pink, brown, and white DW dishcloth in it. It is big enough for two cotton balls and the needles don’t stick out. The drawstring keeps everything nicely inside.

Thank you Amy!

It is really cold

Damn it's cold Driving home from a freezing rehearsal, the car registered below zero out. Lovely. I hear tell that it will be at least 50 on Monday. One can only hope.

I don’t like it when it is this cold.

We’ve been watching the final two seasons of Charmed from NetFlix. Last night I said, “If I had to leave everything and start all over, I would move to a warmer climate.” Lord S answered, “Who are you kidding you had trouble moving two miles across town.” I countered with, “No, you aren’t listening. If I had to give up everything to stop fighting demons and all that. I would move some place warmer.” He looked at me so lovingly and said, “You’d be more likely to be fighting demons than moving from Hometown, honey.”