Thursday Things (on Friday morning)

Again!  Thursdays just seem to get s busy for me.  After school T and I had a meeting which we followed up with grocery shopping and dinner.  I went to pottery and did my glazing.  When I came home Best Lady was here and we talked until after 11.  It was a great visit, but I am so tired.

Today I am going on a field trip to the Indian House at Old Deerfield.  Should be a hoot.

It’s just one of those days

It started off innocently enough.  Although I haven’t been waking up until 6:30, instead of 6, but otherwise things were okay.

Then I got out to the car.  The door was open a little.  I was sure someone broke in and stole everything or that the battery was dead and it wouldn’t start, but no, everything looked good.

Got to the bottom of a hill and turned to look to see if anyone was coming.  My seatbelt lock and I couldn’t move forward, so I moved over and leaned in again.  And bonked my head on the closed window.

Got to school.  Parked.  Doing okay so far (only 10 minutes late).  Get out of the car and … what’s this?  My pants are wet?  Did I pee myself and not notice?  Nope, still gotta go to the bathroom (did I mention I left the house having to go?).  Touched the back of my pants where it is wet.  Damn, the rain got into the car and the seat was all wet.  Good thing for dark pants.

Before Literacy I got chastised by Miss Universe (the world revolves around her) for how I spoke to her in front of some kids yesterday.  She is just overly sensitive.  Although I have been snippy this week.  Today I apologized to one of my students in the same breath that I yelled at her.

Now I have a headache and my stomach hurts.  I just want to be done with the day.

Canvas Utility Totes

I am trying to organize my life.  We bought the JOYS system, although we haven’t started using it yet.  I would like to start soon, so that we can find things when we are looking for them.

I also have been collecting canvas utility totes from Bed, Bath and Beyond to organize and neaten up our office space.  Each one will hold those hard to store items like our walkie-talkie sets, iPod paraphernalia, and and other technology related crap.  We already have some shelves in the office, but we are going to put up some more sturdy ones.

Random fact:  I am not very interesting.


Blue #1: It is getting colder by the minute.

Blue #2: I have too much to do and not enough time to do it.

Blue #3: The handle on my passenger door is broken.

Blue #4: The sky this morning.

This weekend was a long one.  MIL and I had a great time with our teddy bear photo shoot on Friday.  Yesterday, T and I took our time getting up, which was very relaxing.  Then in the afternoon and evening we went out to dinner and shopping.

This afternoon MIL and I worked on our scrapbook.  We got from them moving as children in 1949 to all their weddings in the 60s and 70s.  We also sorted through all the photos I took this weekend of the teddy bears.  MIL’s gift to Gramma this Christmas (besides the book) is personalized greeting cards for holidays and birthdays.  We are using photos of her teddy bears.  Our next section will be holiday based.

Random: Both my parents have brown eyes and I have blue eyes.  My husband is just the same.

I don’t really have anything else to say.


Too lazy to go to WW and weigh in today.  I don’t think I gained much over the holiday, but I decided to skip a week any way.

Thanksgiving was a nice few days away.  We had a small dinner at an Inn and then returned to T’s aunt and uncle’s house for pie and games.  We drove home late and went right to bed.  The next day was spent in full “Teddy Bear Photo Shoot” mode.  I will have a blog about that as soon as the pictures are culled.  I took 408 photos of Gramma’s teddy bears in all sorts of poses and situations.  It was great fun.  MIL and I laughed a lot.

Friday evening we went to MIL’s best friend’s house for dinner and then headed home.

Random fact: When I was a kid and we drove to my dad’s mom’s house in Utica, I was in charge of the toll ticket and watching for the mile marker that came before her exit.  It was a long time before I figured out that my dad knew the way, he was just trying to keep me occupied.

Black Friday

We are not shopping today.  All we are going to do is drive home from New York, unpack, clean up our house, and hang out.

This weekend we have some craft supply shopping to finish up the scrapbook, but we probably won’t do any Christmas shopping.  We have a pretty good list going and most of the stuff will be pretty easy to buy around town.

Today, MIL and I have a “teddy bear photo shoot” for the scrapbook.  Gramma has a vast collection of teddy bears and we are going to use them to decorate pages.  In order to cover for this (since the book is a surprise), MIL is going to tell Gramma that she pulled her in the family gift exchange (MIL’s generation + Gramma) and that she is going to give her greeting cards featuring her bears.  When I have them uploaded to Flickr I will share them here.

Random fact: I have had the same bear since I was 18 months old.  We went to Florida to visit family and they threw me a birthday party.  He is a GUND and he has no name.

Happy Thanksgiving

Greetings from upstate New York.  We are enjoying Thanksgiving dinner at a country inn with the Lord’s mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle, and one cousin.  The cousin’s sister is staying in SF with her boyfriend.  MIL’s sister’s family is going to be with her while she is recovering from a stroke.  MIL’s other brother lives out west and had to work.  His daughter also is working, so she couldn’t join us either.  So this year we are down from a possible 27 to 7.

We miss everyone, but it is nice to be with family.

I am thankful for:
My husband
My parents and my sister
My family
My MIL and her family
My health
My friends
My community
Having enough to eat
Having a nice warm house
Having enough clothes to keep me warm
Being able to read

Random fact: The second Thanksgiving we were married we spent in Cancun, Mexico with my parents, my sister, and her best friend.