What brings me joy?

Kerflop is running an essay contest to win JOYS materials. I really need to get our paperwork and finances in order. Kerflop and OMSH both gush about these products and I hope with a push, I can see results. Our entry must be an essay about what brings us joy.

A lot of things bring me joy. I am lucky to have lived a good life. I have wonderful people around me (blood family and chosen family), a nice home (albeit messy), and a good job (that I love).

My husband brings me joy. I have known my husband since high school, but I didn’t know I loved him till we were adults. He has been through a lot with me and supported me through physical and emotional struggles. Every day he comes home from work and asks me how my day went. Even if I spent all day at home on my computer. He kisses me goodbye before he leaves for work. Even if I am still asleep. He brings me flowers for our anniversary (because we decided Valentine’s Day is too expensive). Even if we are leaving for vacation. He says he loves me all the time. Even when I am mean, angry, cranky, dirty or annoying. He is my joy.

My home brings me joy. We bought this house exactly 2 months before we got married. It is small (two bedrooms and a living/diningroom) but it is ours (and the bank’s). We have been adding a bathroom to the second floor for 5 years, but we are nearly done and it is wonderful. We have a pond with fish and a beautiful flower garden. My friends feel at home in our house. It maybe messy and really eclectic, but it is comfortable and clean. I feel joy in my home.

My job brings me joy. I have been teaching at Smalltown Elementary School for 9 years. In that time I have taught over 400 kids. I’ve had 9 Literacy groups over 3 grades and hundreds of Technology classes. I’ve worked with over 50 professionals. I have purchased, updated and fixed over 100 computers. I have supervised countless recesses. And I have loved nearly every minute of it (can’t love those 20 degree February recesses). Every time a student figures something out in the computer lab or makes a breakthrough in Literacy. Each time they say “Wow, that’s cool” or “I get it now!” that brings me joy. I find joy in my work.

Being creative brings me joy. I have many creative outlets in my life. I have recently taken up knitting and love making things for other people. The feeling of the yarn and needles in my hands is very relaxing. Watching something grow out of my hands is amazing. I have been working with clay since I was 7. Building things with the earthy brown clay is like therapy. I don’t even have to accomplish anything to feel like I have had a good night. When I give something I have created to someone else, I feel better than if I kept it for myself. I’ve been doing theater for over 15 years. After over 40 shows in high school and community theater I still learn things with every production. No one comes to applaud for me, the stage manager, but if it weren’t for me the show would not be as successful. I create joy.

My spirit’s home brings me joy. Star Island has been my spirit’s home since I was 14. I knew the minute I set foot on the pier I felt right. From the Summerhouse to East Rock I feel comfortable and happy every where I am. I grow spiritually each time I go to Star and the years I was away I missed it everyday. When I return from the island each year I feel like a new year has begun and I refreshed and renewed. Joy is being on Star Island.

I am very lucky to have so many things in my life that bring me joy.

Edit: Jessica also suggested we could include photos, I wasn’t sure I would have time before the midnight deadline. Here is a little of what my filing system looks like right now.

Me is alot good at grammar.

Mei Flower is also a Grammar God(dess), so I am at least as smart as she. (Just kidding, her.)

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Great timing

I have a whole bunch to blog about our vacation, but I will have to get to that when I have more time. I want to write about the funny thing that happened in the car last Sunday.

{Name a one word, 5 letter, 2 syllable movie title where the first syllable has a short i sound. Change the short i sound to a long i sound to get a one word, 6 letter, 2 syllable movie title.}

I listen to NPR shows as Podcasts. One that Lord S and I like is the Sunday Puzzle with Will Shortz. We listened to 3 weeks worth that I had saved up. I figured out the answer to the last one (very quickly mind you) and then realized I wouldn’t know the answer until we got off island and downloaded it. Then we thought maybe we could flip around some NPR stations and listen for a while in case the show came on.

I switched the radio tuner to our local NPR (static, we were at least 50 miles away) and then moved around the dial a little. All of a sudden I heard Will Shortz’s voice and stopped. He was saying the answer! I caught the show (whose airtime I don’t actually know) at exactly the right moment to get the answer. Not at the very beginning of the show when they are being introduced, not a minute into the show when they have started the game, but just at the moment Will Shortz says “and the answer is…”

It was very cool.

I was right by the way. {Sicko, Psycho)


I don’t know who the PLAIN Janes are, but I took the quiz because it was posted on Bookshelves of Doom. {Oh, wait here is a link to the book. Missed that when I first read her entry.}

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Theatre Jane
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One of the questions was about famous boys and I had only heard of one of them. I am definitely old. Are Gael Garcia Bernal, Freddy Adu, Shia LaBeouf, and Sufjan Stevens really the boys teens are gaga for now? I have actually seen Shia in somethings, and I guess I should have heard of Gael. Looking at their pictures, I can see what makes girls dream about these boys. Oh, and I picked Shia.

Where did they go?

Whoorl posted an entry about things she misses after reading this article and its comments.

I miss Jello Pudding Pops.
Several people mention the CRX. I miss one particular CRX, the one belonging to my high school boyfriend.
I also hate that every time I find sneakers I like they discontinue them.
One of the things that really cracks me up is some of the candy people mention is still available in New England.
I don’t really drink Coke anymore, but I definitely miss the way it tasted before the whole New Coke fiasco.
Recently Trident changed the pink bubble gum flavor and it is so bad that I threw out a whole pack. However, I just bought a pack of Juicy Fruit and it is YELLOW! Not that nasty grey it used to be, and the flavor lasts much longer. A change for the good!
There also used to be really great soft oatmeal cookies called Almost Home. I loved those.

What are some things you miss?

My Harry Potter questions

Spoilers below


Before book 7:

Trust Snape?
Where are all the horcruxes?
Will Hermione and Ron get together?
Will Harry and Ginny end up together?
Will Harry live?
Who will die?
Will Tonks and Lupin get together?
Will Harry go back to school?
Is Harry a horcrux?
What are the Deathly Hallows?
Who was supposed to die but didn’t?
Who died, but was originally going to live?
What will happen to Hogwarts?

After book 7 (but before JRK interviews):

What happened to Hermione’s parents?
Where’s Luna?
What are the Trio and Ginny doing now?
What did Dudley see?
What was Petunia going to say to Harry?


What is behind the veil?
What is in the Love room?
What happens to the prophecies that were broken?
Who will do magic that hadn’t before?
Did Petunia have anything of Lily’s she could have given to Harry?
What happened to the Dursley’s?