I got an award!

Mei Flower thinks enough of me to give me an award! Thank you Mei.


Now, I guess, it is my duty to award 5 other Rockin’ Girl Bloggers.

First to Super Happy Jen and her Super Happy Blog. I “found” Jen when I got her postcard from Postcrossing. I have enjoyed reading her adventures about being a new mommy. She also just started another blog with her friend in Scotland called Jen and Carol’s International Photo Tag where they compare their two countries/cities. It’s pretty funny.

Next to Journey Woman. She is one of my reader/writer blogs. She posts great poetry and links to fun word games. She also has this cool postcard collection that she shares with us every once in a while.

Miss B is In pursuit of Happily Ever After. She is a brand new teacher (currently looking for a job in the Boston area) who spent the last year sharing with her readers the experience of student teaching. I wish her the best of luck.

Amy at amalah.com cracks me up. She recently moved and made every crappy moment of it hysterical. She wrote a great post (that I can’t find) about the things she would (not) miss about her old place. She has a one and a half year old son and a bunch of other blogs she writes for. You won’t be sorry if you stop by for a look.

Another woman who cracks me up is Secret Agent Josephine. She, too, has a baby (who just had a birthday) and hilarious adventures. SAJ is an illustrator and has kick-ass graphics on her site. She even built a beautiful site for her family.

Those are 5 of my favorite Rockin’ Girl Bloggers. If you haven’t already met them, take a minute to stop by. Now I am off to pass along the news.


I have spent more time painting over the last 2 weeks than ever in my life. I’ve been helping paint the set for Shakespeare and today I started painting the inside of our new bathroom closet. It was 800 degrees in that room. I also only got it partially done, because I had to fill some holes. I still have to paint that wall and the ceiling. And then more of the bathroom, but that is another day. Now I have an appointment. No more painting for me.

Too hot

Is it wrong that when I watch TV I get mad at people who aren’t dressed for the weather? I am watching One Life to Live (Pennsylvania) and lots of them are wearing jeans. I haven’t worn long pants in 5 weeks. What are they thinking?

The only thing that is worse is the girls in the cute little numbers in the middle of January. No coats, no sweaters, just little tops and dresses. And all my soaps take place in upstate New York and Pennsyvania!

Small town living

I love living in a small town.

T and I just went to the grocery store. I walked over to meet him as he came home from work. I took my iPod, cell phone and sunglasses. We shopped.

As we got to the checkout I realized we were buying alcohol for an upcoming event. Remember what I brought with me? No ID. So, of course, the clerk asked for it. T showed his. “And yours?” I explained that I had walked. A manager came over. He hesitated (I am 31 and look it). I looked over at the service desk and asked if Jean was working. The kid behind the counter said, “Yes, but there is a manager right there.” Again I explained the no ID thing. So he got Jean. She looked over and smiled and waved. We got our champagne.

How often in your grocery store is the most important person on the floor your friend’s mom? Jean’s daughter was in my wedding, did several shows with me, and dated my closest childhood friend.


I just read this at Ms. Whatsit.

Hey kids! Bummed out ’cause Daddy won’t let you pierce your bellybutton? Mad at Mom ’cause she won’t sign the consent for a tattoo? Not to worry. There are other ways to set yourself apart from the others. Take do-it-yourself branding, for example.

It was during a slumber party bash that a group of fourteen-year-old girls from my school decided that they would start a new, show-it-off-in your-bikini fashion trend. read more

So what dumbass things did you do between 12 and 15? Mine was all about the bad clothes and hair. Oh and stupid boy moves. Why can’t we just skip that part?

Summer 2007 To Do List

Summer officially starts for me tomorrow. I have made a list of things I have to do this summer. It is a very long list, but some are easy things like doctors appointments that are already made. Others are going to be harder like parting with clothes, cleaning out our office, and cleaning up the extra bedroom. I plan to take a lot of before and after pictures, so look for them here.

The hardest one on the list, I think, is to lose 20 pounds. If I start counting at my “I never ever thought I would weigh that much” all time high, I have already lost 2 as of today. Several of my goals are geared toward losing this weight. It is just a start, but I am making a commitment. Starting tomorrow.

Tonight, I have my Girls on the Run coaches party and a birthday party with cake.


I like to read the IMDb trivia about movies. That’s how I found out that Reese Witherspoon‘s character name in Election is Flick because of the way it looks in all caps FLICK.

I noticed this phenomenon with my sister’s name as well LISA (looks like USA to me).

But this illusion was brought home to me at school last week when I saw this magazine cover. I actually had to cover it with another magazine to keep from being distracted in the Library.


Baby talk

310.jpgI was going to blog about words again, but I found something better. Fuse #8 pointed me towards a fabulous read. She picked one letter, but I liked another.

Dear Editor:

It is with frustration and disappointment that I inform you that I am canceling my subscription to Babybug following the April issue. I am doing this not only because I have just passed my second birthday (on April 28!) and have begun to feel the attendant inclination toward Ladybug, your magazine for 2- to 6-year-olds. I had planned to linger among the beloved pages of my toddlerhood just a little longer, but that changed after Babybug’s dramatic drop in quality since January. Now, I’m willing to accept dancing koalas, preachy old frogs, and singing daffodils, but the strident tone adopted by so many of your characters recently (Exhibit A: “The Fluffy Duffy Bear”) has become tiresome and grating. Also, your stories too often reach facile conclusions (Exhibit B: “Singing With Our Barnyard Friends”). And the jarring deus ex machina so crudely inserted into “Monkey’s Birthday Party” was, for me, the limit. I can’t tell you how sorry I am to mark my youth’s end with so artless an issue.

Isabella Dunwhitty
Age 2 years and 1 month
New York, New York

from McSweeney’s