Virginia’s Tragedy. Our Nation’s Tragedy.

I have no words. I never have the right words. Instead, read MotherReader’s words.

While we are all feeling for the victims, and their families and friends, let’s take a minute to remember his parents. I am sure they are going through their own agony.

One thought on “Virginia’s Tragedy. Our Nation’s Tragedy.

  1. that’s all i’ve been able to think about.
    no, that’s a lie: i’v ebeen obsessing over that cell-phone video, and how each gunshot is the sound of someone’s baby dying. and then i’ve been thinking about the gunman’s parents, and how they’ve basically lost their right to mourn.
    i know that sometimes kids grow up and do stuff like this, and we can look to their past and see some reason or another…their parents didn’t love them, or they were far too hard on them… you know the drill. you’re a teacher, i know you guys are on the lookout for warning signs, even with really young shildren.
    and, sometimes?
    we can easily point to something that happened in someone’s upbringing, as an excuse for how they turned out as an adult.
    but, other times?
    people just do horrible, crazy, fucked up things that have nothing to do with the way their parents raised them.

    i don’t know.
    maybe this kid’s parents were the worst parents ever.
    or, maybe they loved their child as much as everyone else loves their child. and today they had to find out that, not only is their child dead, but he’s also responsible for the grief that 32 other families are feeling today.

    i can’t help but think that the mother of the gunman has it worse than anyone else today…

    it just…sucks.

    i wish i could stop thinking about it.

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