Finally Friday

My friend with the yellow baby is going home from the hospital now. I just talked to her and she is really happy to be going home. I dropped the mac & cheese off on my way home from work and her husband was just leaving to get them.

I am really tired of coughing. I have been hacking so bad I leaked a little. This is not good for a girl who has never had a baby.

Eh…I don’t really feel like writing any more. It has been a hell of a week and I am ready for it to be over.

Thurday Thoughts

Remember when I said I was going to try to post more. Yeah, so then I got this freakin’ cold and I haven’t been in the mood to do anything. I am feeling better. As better as you can feel with only one working nostril and a hacking cough.

My friend and her new baby are at the hospital with jaundice. Mom is/was pretty freaked out. She was very upset at having to sit there next to her crying baby and not be able to hold her and comfort her. I wanted to be able to visit when she was born *hack hack** but I felt it best to wait. Now I am going to wait a little longer. I made them mac & cheese last night, but I won’t take it until tomorrow when they are home.

I start Girls on the Run on Monday. I met with my new co-coach today. She has never coached before and is not connected to my school, so she is kind of nervous. Which is interesting, because she is very confident. We were at the high school at the same time, elementary too is seems, but we didn’t really know each other. I think it will be a good season. I will keep you posted.

Now I am off to pottery. Sometime I am going to write about my pottery teacher. New coach (I need a name for her) and I were talking about how she (pottery teacher) is one of the nicest people we have ever known.

Spring Reading Thing

SRTside.jpgI am joining Callapidder Day‘s Spring Reading Thing. I am a little behind in starting, but I am ready! I only just started Son of a Witch, so it will be my first book. I am not one who can read a whole bunch of books at a time. I will pick up my first non-fiction when I am done with Liir.

For the Spring Reading Thing I am going to read 5 fiction, 3 non-fiction, and 5 DCF books. (I am not at home making this list, so I will update it later.) Summaries from Amazon listings.


1. Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire – Son picks up where Maguires highly successful Wicked (HarperCollins, 1995) left off, with the death of Elphaba the Wicked Witch of the West.

2. Mirror, Mirror by Gregory Maguire – A dark and vivid retelling of Snow White transposed to the Italy of the Borgias. Lucrezia is the evil stepmother and five-year-old Bianca de Nevada grows into the role of Snow White.

3. Eldest by Chris Paolini – Surpassing its popular prequel Eragon, this second volume in the Inheritance trilogy shows growing maturity and skill on the part of its very young author, who was only seventeen when the first volume was published in 2003. The story is solidly in the tradition (some might say derivative) of the classic heroic quest fantasy, with the predictable cast of dwarves, elves, and dragons–but also including some imaginatively creepy creatures of evil.




1. Shakespeare: The Biography by Peter Ackroyd – Describing himself as a Shakespeare enthusiast instead of an expert, Ackroyd focuses on the bard as an extraordinarily talented theater professional rather than rhapsodizing about the intricacies of the man’s genius. He interweaves Shakespeare’s life story with England’s dramatic history and the fascinating world of the emerging Elizabethan theater.




full list

1. Hattie Big Sky by Larson, Kirby – lone in the world, teen-aged Hattie is driven to prove up on her uncle’s homesteading claim.

2. Escape! The Story of the Great Houdini by Fleischman, Sid – Here are the stories of how a knockabout kid named Ehrich Weiss, the son of an impoverished rabbi, presto-changoed himself into the legendary Harry Houdini.

3. Bread and Roses, too by Katherine Paterson – Paterson has drawn upon the facts of the famous 1912 Bread and Roses strike in the mills of Lawrence, MA, and the sympathetic response of the citizens of Barre, VT, to tell the story of two children enmeshed in complex events.

4. Gossamer by Lois Lowry – Fantasy is gossamer in this tale of memory’s role in bestowing dreams and inflicting nightmares.

5. Alabama Moon by Watt Key – oon, 10, has spent most of his life in a camouflaged shelter in the forest with his father, a Vietnam veteran who distrusts people and the government. Pap has educated him in both academics and survival skills. His life suddenly changes when the land is sold to a lawyer and his father dies.

updated April 14, 2007

Sunday night blues

Sunday night is always the hardest. You have had a great weekend, but now it is the end, time to start thinking about the week.

The alarm went off at 6, but I didn’t really wake up till the phone rang at 9. It was my friend calling to give me news about the baby. She was born Saturday night at 7 and she is 9 pounds with lots of dark hair. I am still working on bibs for her. I think she will have 4 or 5.

We got an invitation to a wedding this weekend. A friend from high school is marrying a guy from our HS class. They have been together almost since we graduated (1994) and are expecting a baby in June. It is the second weekend of my spring break so we are planning to go down to Florida for it. It is hard to get tickets though, since everyone wants to have vacation then in Florida.

Our day yesterday was great. Today was lazy. I tried to install a scanner we have had sitting around for a few months onto my laptop, but nothing is working. T has been playing with it for hours, while I played Lego Star Wars on his computer. It is a pretty fun game.

Not much coming up this week, so we will see what comes.

Remains of the day

After a kickin’ lunch at Margaritas (at 3:30, no less) we headed over to Borders to take advantage of the 25% for educators. We each got a book, plus Eldest, some books for my classroom, a couple computer books for Lord Geek, and a baby book for my friend who is due in June.

We got home and Gameboy and I were so tired we both laid right down. A little while ago the phone rang and T answered it. I told him when he answered the phone it would finally be the phone call I was waiting for. I’ve been waiting since last night to hear about a friend from work who was induced yesterday. She was supposed to go in yesterday morning, but they were full in maternity. Yesterday afternoon she went in and was induced at 2. One friend from work is our contact and I am the email sender. I hadn’t heard from her by noon today so I called. Mom was having contractions every 7 minutes, but no dilation. I finally got the call at 5:45 that they had broken her water and she is finally in active delievery. Now I await more news.

So far Saturday

We have Gameboy (12) today. His mom and her beau went away for a few days and we got him for overnight Friday and all day Saturday. Last night we went to Panda North for dinner (his choice) and watched Bones, Criminal Minds, and Return of the Jedi. This morning he endured my weigh-in at Weight Watchers (from the car), breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, over an hour at the gym and then shopping at Olympia Sports. We got home around 12:45 and have been chilling since then. Now we are getting ready to eat lunch at Margaritas and hopefully do some shopping.

It’s fugly!

louisvuitton42k.jpgI get most of my “news” from The View. I know…I know…everyone has an opinion on Rosie, but I like The View and I am going to keep watching it. Anyway…last week they showed that ugly ass bag from Louis Vuitton. You know the one I mean, the $42,000 bag. The Patchwork Tribute Bag. The one that sold out in less than a week.

9400_detail_1.jpgSo they talked about it on The View last week. The ladies were shocked at the cost and ugliness. Rosie said, sort of off-handedly, she was going to make one, over the weekend, from stuff she found in her craft house. Joy laughed. Joy was still laughing this morning when they showed the picture of Rosie’s and mentioned that the bag was sold out. Rosie has donated hers to be auctioned off on The money will be going to Rosie’s charity Rosie’s Broadway Kids. The bidding is $1,100 at the time of this post.

It’s just as fugly, but at least the money is going to a good cause.

Things that are funnier when you are sleepy

Last night, yesterday afternoon actually, I was very tired. I intended to go to bed early, but 10:00 is not early. We went to bed and I started drifting even while having conversation with my husband. I started to fall asleep without turning off my light. So T said I am “incorrigible. If there was a place that sold corrigibles, they wouldn’t sell you any.” I rolled over to turn off my light and said, “I am so blogging this tomorrow.”

It is not as funny in the light of day.