100 Things about Me

  1. I think of myself as a girl.
  2. I was born in the year of the US bicentennial.
  3. I have dark blonde hair and blue eyes.
  4. I have one younger sister.
  5. My parents are still married.
  6. My parents were married 10 years, one month, and two weeks before I was born.
  7. I have lived in the same town my whole life.
  8. I went to southern Virginia for college, but didn’t think of it as “home”.
  9. I lived on an island for a summer, working as a waitress.
  10. I couldn’t imagine wanting to live any where but Vermont.
  11. Just like I can’t imagine being anything but a teacher.
  12. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a little kid.
  13. Before that, I wanted to own a store, just like my parents.
  14. I majored in psychology in college, because I couldn’t major in education and a lot of my classes were psych anyway.
  15. I am certified to teach nursery school through sixth grade.
  16. I love teaching first, second and third grade.
  17. I have never been a classroom teacher, but I had over 400 students in my first 8 years of teaching.
  18. In my 10 years of Literacy I have had 14 reading groups over 4 grades (first, second, third, and fifth) totaling over 130 kids.
  19. I teach computer skills, K-6.
  20. Sometimes, I feel like I have no idea what I am doing.
  21. I hope to teach at my current (and only) school until I retire – after June 2029.
  22. I have a master’s degree in teaching with Internet Technology.
  23. I have only collected pay checks from 5 different employers, not counting my parents’ 2 businesses.
  24. My first paycheck was for being a playground and classroom aid at a summer arts days camp.
  25. My second was my work study jobs at college – tourguide and computer lab assistant.
  26. Third paycheck was earned at the island.
  27. Fourth was as a cashier for the town pool.
  28. Finally, being a teacher.
  29. My parents owned a small town grocery store until I was 12.
  30. I was stocking shelves at 6 or 7.
  31. I could run the cash register by the time I could see over it, age 9 probably.
  32. The smell of stale beer reminds me of sorting empties at the store.
  33. I can still picture almost every inch of the store.
  34. I have always had cats.
  35. We got our cat from a friend, on 2 hours notice.
  36. My husband and I renamed our cat so our 3 names would be the name of a singing group from the 70s.
  37. I love to play games.
  38. I say I am not competitive, but I really like to win.
  39. I know all sorts of random trivia.
  40. I can remember little details.
  41. I can’t remember the big important things.
  42. By the time I was 30, I had worked on over 40 theatrical productions.
  43. At 34, I have worked on over 50.
  44. I taught myself to knit one weekend when I was nearly 30.
  45. I like to knit dishcloths and baby hats.
  46. I have lived in 2 houses and 2 apartments.
  47. The apartments and one house are all within the same 1 mile of road.
  48. The second house is less than a mile from the first.
  49. I don’t deal well with change.
  50. Moving has been a traumatic experience for me.
  51. Packing for a week long trip can put me on edge for days.
  52. There is not one single household chore I actually like to do.
  53. Just thinking about scrubbing toilets makes me gag.
  54. I enjoy reading fiction, mysteries, humor, and true crime novels.
  55. My favorite picture book is Where the Wild Things Are.
  56. My favorite young adult novel is The Giver, which I didn’t read until I was an adult.
  57. A grown-up book I could read over and over (and have) is Wicked.
  58. I also like to read trivia books, like the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series.
  59. I am a mom.
  60. I wanted a girl, but couldn’t imagine a better baby for me than the boy I got.
  61. We didn’t tell any one (other than doctors) that I was pregnant until I were 14 weeks.
  62. I didn’t even tell my husband for 4 days.
  63. My son was born on my 33 birthday.
  64. I worked all day having contractions, but had no idea that’s what was happening.
  65. I loved staying home all summer with my baby, but don’t think I could be a full time SAHM.
  66. I have the same middle name as my mom.
  67. My son is named after both of our maternal grandfathers, because they had the same name.
  68. His middle name is the masculine form of my mother-in-law’s name.
  69. His other middle name is my maiden name.
  70. We picked out our daughter’s name before we were even married.
  71. We still intend to have one, so the name is still a secret.
  72. I have hoarding tendencies.
  73. I hold on to things “just in case”.
  74. I have over 900 Facebook friends.
  75. I think the last three are related.
  76. I love choosing just the right thing for someone.
  77. I am disappointed if they don’t have the right level of excitement over what I got them.
  78. I have good intentions, but poor follow through.

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